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Global Men's Photographic Competition 

When we woke up to this announcement the team was ecstatic with happy energy.
This is a big deal all around the world and we have the pleasure of announcing such good news to our clients.
We would like to congratulate our amazing create director, Uros Mikic, for winning… (drum roll please) the
GLOBAL MEN’S PHOTOGRAPHIC COMEPTITION in the Association of International Professional Press awards (AIPP).

The Kinky Curly Straight family are so excited to have their creative director recognised worldwide for his amazing talent.

That’s right WORLDWIDE

Social Media Face Lift

Ahh we just love giving you guys the chance to see all the cool stuff we get up to.
So we have given both our website and Pinterest account a major facelift for a more easy way to 
connect with us in and outside of the salon!

Press the link below to get have a look at all the things we love and inspire!


Adelaide Hair & Fashion show 2015

On the 27th of September the Kinky Curly Straight team were a part of the Adelaide Hair and Make-up Show 2015. There was massive, feathery, braids that came together to create some stylish head pieces especially for the night. The show was all about show casing some stylish, out there hair and the team really got their creative caps on and came up with some awesome ideas.

However, this didn’t just happen overnight. It took weeks of preparation and a lack of sleep! We are so dedicated to hair! The night went as planned and our models walked down the runway strutting their stuff in Kinky Curly Straight’s incredible work.

We are so proud.

Culture Magazine Madness 

WE LOVE PHOTOSHOOTS! There is nothing we love more than having the chance to get really creative at a shoot.
Uros Mikic, creative director & Laura Ciccone, senior stylist have been busy getting creative for the culture magazine photo shoot.

The Tortoiseshell

You’re going turtle-what?? What are they up to now? Well once you hear all about this new colour you won’t wait to tell one of our stylists to get colouring.  

Think subtle ombre, balayage with a few highlights thrown into the mix. It’s all about the warm golden blondes, chestnuts, mahogany, chocolate and honey tones for this seasons deluxe look. Celebrity’s like Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian have already jumped straight onto this luxurious colour.

And our team is leading the way in creating beautiful looks for our clients. But not only are we creating tortoiseshell in the salon we are also educating our peers around Australia and overseas.



GHD Stylin'

Our senior stylist Alyse got to go on stage alongside of GHD ambassador. She was privileged to be learning along Alan white to pick up some cool tricks and skills. The day was filled with inspiration, learning, oh and a lot of fun.


Tafe Education Day 

During October, creative director Uros and senior stylist Cherie Falco attended TAFE to educate other stylists about ways to do long hair designs. The day was all about abosorbing up some fresh new techniques from our leading stylists!
Ahh we love educating other hairdresses about hair!

Think Pink

If you open the Sundays Advertiser from the 11th of October you will be sure to see this amazing spread. In support of the Breast Cancer awareness month Creative Director Uros Mikic, Senior Stylist Alyse Santry and make-up artist Dana Abimosleh were a part of hair and make-up styling for Cimon Vozzo’s pink spread in the Advertiser.

Happy Birthday Kinky Curly Straight 

Happy Birthday Kinky Curly Straight! It’s out 3rd birthday and we would like to thank everyone who have supported us over the years. We are so lucky to have such amazing clients!